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 Will PlayStation Home be on the PS4?

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PostSubject: Will PlayStation Home be on the PS4?   Mon Mar 03, 2014 11:12 am

I finally got around to posting my opinion about this controversial question yesterday to the forums yesterday: http://community.us.playstation.com/t5/PlayStation-Home/Home-on-PS4/m-p/43058219#M1352378

What are your thoughts?

Will Home be on PS4? Unfortunately, it seems very unlikely. Even as an avid PS Home user who loves the PS Home Community very much because it has been a big part of my life over the last few years, I understand why Sony would not develop PS Home for the PS4 and am OK with this decision. I actually don't even have a PS4 at the moment and am in no rush as I had other financial priorities around its launch since it was around the holidays, such as all the Christmas shopping I had to do for my family and then of course my daughter's birthday which was this past Tuesday. My PS3 is still working fine and I am able to play games and use PS Home on it, so that is good enough for me.Very Happy Sure the PS4 has next-gen (shouldn't we be calling it current gen now? lol) graphics, etc., but there aren't that many games out for it yet and so I can wait. Most people I know who have a PS4 and still like PS Home, were able to afford to keep their PS3 as well so they could continue to use PS Home, which I think is great. Whenever I get a PS4, which probably won't be for a while, I intend to keep my PS3 so I can use PS Home and enjoy it for as long as it is around! Very Happy
During GamerIndepth's first radio cast on PST Community Radio, a few members of the club shared their opinions on whether or not PS Home would be on the PS4 (read more here: http://gamerindepth.net/2014/02/gis-first-radio-cast-on-pst-community-radio/). Also, at a GI meeting a couple of weeks ago, we discussed this highly controversial topic. Just like TSFRJ said during that meeting, I think the reasons for Sony not creating PS Home for the PS4 does center around 2 key points:

  1. It is not cost effective for Sony to develop PS Home for the PS4.  This has nothing to do with how much money has been made by PS Home which is a common argument I hear for PS Home being on the PS4. Because the PS4 is a new platform, creating PS Home for the PS4 would be the development of a new application for the PS4. This development would of course require a lot of money if the new application is to totally take advantage of the new PS4 platform and look as good as the games that are currently running on the PS4. So at this time, the amount of time and money it would take for such development far outweigh the benefits to Sony. Plus, all users would have to "start over" with their virtual personal spaces, clothes, etc., as nothing would port over to the new PS4 version. This is not to say that the current version of PS Home running on the PS3 couldn't run on the PS4 via some kind of emulator, but of course, it would not look as good as it should on the PS4 like current game titles running on that console. So until it becomes cost effective for Sony to build PS Home for the PS4, they won't.
  2. Unless not having PS Home on the PS4 creates a big rift in the gaming community such that PS4 sales are severely impacted, Sony will not consider building PS Home for the PS4.  At this point, I have not seen this happening. Gamers who are more interested in gaming than PS Home have already left PS Home and are perfectly happy with gaming on their new PS4. Gamers who felt strongly enough about wanting to continue to use PS Home have figured out a way to keep their PS3 in addition to buying a new PS4. There may be some who will not buy a PS4 unless it has PS Home on it, but it seems this is a very small percentage of the gaming community and not enough to conern Sony. The PS4 is currently still the number one selling next-gen console in the US and the world, so not having PS Home on it has not had any visible impact on PS4 sales. So unless this changes, I don't see any motivation for Sony to build PS Home for the PS4.

Again, I would of course love to see PS Home on the PS4 and it would make me enjoy having that console so much more, but I understand why Sony would not create the application for the PS4. I am still ok with this because I intend to have my PS3 for a long time and use PS Home on it until it is shut down, which unfortunately I've heard will be in a couple of years. So for now, I'm still a Happy Barbie! Very Happy


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Will PlayStation Home be on the PS4?
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