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PostSubject: SUPER MONSTER STORM SANDY   Thu Nov 01, 2012 7:38 am

Ok with this monster of a storm over 500ft wide. I wanted to open a free chat up for anyone wanting to share anything about this horrible event. Some the places we love to visit are destroyed,North Carolina beaches were frist under the gun. Beach erosion, trees down, poweroutages, and flooding were problems we faced here. As the storm moved north, Virigina beaches got pounded by the highwinds. Poweroutages were caused by trees falling on powerlines. Waves crashing into the beach eroded it away Moving frther north the strom flooded Washington D.C. and Maryland. City streets became rushing water ways. Homes stood with 2"to 2 foot of water in them. The storm hit landfall....New Jersey and New York got hit the worse. Alantic City N.J. lost 300ft of thier broadwalk there.....its just gone. Washed away by high tides and storm shrugs. Seaside hieght(where Jersey Shore was filmed) lost an huge chuck of their attractions. The rides poking out of the waves is all that remains of this festive area. We loved riding that coaster there... Sad Sandy took out the whole coast of New Jersey in a matter of minutes the coastal communities were changed forever. Sandy destroyed the sand dunes from New Jersey to R. Island. Sandy then pounded New York. Oil tankers weren't even safe. They were thrown around as if a child was playing in the tub with toy boats. On Statin Island an oil tanker sits over halfway of the ship on dry land there.Streets are rivers through the business district. Subways are flooded still. New York has became a stand still. R. Island wasnt separted either. Homes were washed off thier foundations. Several were lost in the ocean. Do to strom shrugs and hightides, peoples front yards were eroded away up to 3 feet deep. Homes left standing were flooded and damaged so bad no one can live in them. Pennsylvania was hit next all day tuesday by Sandy. Highwinds and flooding took out power in most of the state. Trees gave away crashing down like toothpicks. If this isnt bad enough....Sandy attaked West Virigina with 2 to 4 feet of snow, bringing these small towns to a stand still. Governor said, "Do to the weather and safety of all children, Hallween events are postponed till this weekend." New Jersey Governor feels the same way. So now Sandy has moved across the great lakes and flooded more places. took out power to over 3 million homes business and other ares, Sandy has truely been an horrible event for so many. Our prayers and best wishes go out to all whom may have been effected by the super storm. Like i said before "Sandy you may have bent, twisted, and destroyed our beautiful homes, and flooded our land. But you will never ever break our spirit. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!" :light:

Feel free to post your thoughts, personal stroys, or your hopes and wishes for all who have survived this horrible tragic storm named SANDY.

Life to short to not give it your all.
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PostSubject: Re: SUPER MONSTER STORM SANDY   Thu Nov 01, 2012 8:36 am

Our hearts & prayers goes out to everyone who was affected by the hurricane. "STAY STRONG YALL..HELP IS ON THE WAY!!" We are here for you. And as the good reverend would say.."KEEP HOPE ALIVE!!" God Bless. (1God †☀ 1Nation★ 1Love ♥ ) USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!
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I Blog Stuff
I Blog Stuff

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PostSubject: Re: SUPER MONSTER STORM SANDY   Thu Nov 01, 2012 9:40 am

:light: Let us continue to pray for the victims as well as their friends and family of this tragic natural disaster. :light:


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